Manage your team and business in your calendar

Link events with people and tasks for better results.

In one app with just a few clicks, without unnecessary data entry.

Calendee Calendar

Selection of activities and events

Contacts with activity history

Share contacts

Assign tasks

Task and project templates

Statistics for Managers

Shared calendar

Instant view of each team member’s location enables the ability to dispatch someone to the next appointment or shows availability of the team for a new meeting appointment.

Contact management

Share, tag and sort all contacts. You can also add notes, save documents and track history for each contact.

Tasks and projects

Create tasks for calendar events and for contacts. You can delegate, commission and sort tasks, group them into projects, and save them in templates.


Monitor and analyze the number of activities performed and their outcome. You can select data ranging from contacts to the whole team, or even an individual activity.

Plan in the calendar

Choose from pre-set activities tailored for various sectors: distinguish between phone calls, appointments, or other activities tailored to your business needs.

planning in the calendar
link activities to contacts

Link activities to contacts

Most calendar events include a contact – now link your contacts to your activities. You can also add a note or tag to a contact.

Record results and plan follow-up activities

Finalized events or activities have pre-defined results that you can select. You can insert additional notes and create a new event, like a follow-up meeting.

create and assign tasks

Create and assign tasks

Has an activity or meeting with a contact resulted in a task? Maybe you have to send an email or prepare a proposal? Never forget again! Automatically create a new task without having to open a different system or to-do app.

You can also delegate that task to team members.

Analyze activities and results

No more Excel sheets. Managers and team leaders can view various statistics for the entire team or individual members at any time. No more waiting for data from branches or other individuals.

Start using Calendee today

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