Mobile app for your efficiency

Always close at hand. Anytime. Anywhere.

The FreshFlow calendar is always at your fingertips, even on your mobile phone.

Use your FreshFlow calendar with all the functionality in a clear mobile app.

Don’t waste time and add new activities and events anytime, anywhere.

Quick view of calendar

Try the plan function and have a clear plan for every day at your fingertips. Of course, weekly or monthly previews are also available.

Contacts always close at hand

With the mobile app, you not only have a list of contacts, but also a complete history of your interactions with them and all related notes and documents. Simply and clearly.

Call Manager

Need to call any of your contacts? Do it directly from the app. When you are finished, you can immediately record the results of the call and any tasks that arise from it.

Scan documents directly in the application

Do you want to add a photo, a scan of the contract or any other document to the contact? Simply take a picture of what you need and attach.

Easy contact import

Do you have a phone full of contacts? You don’t have to transcribe them, simply import them into the mobile app. All or just part of them Just the way you need.

Voice control

Don’t have time to write new activities and tasks in your calendar? Dictate them. The FreshFlow mobile app recognizes the type of activity you dictate and stores it in the right place.

Easy management of team tasks

No more sending out tasks via emails and messages. Delegate, receive and manage tasks directly in the app.


Light and dark look

Choose the look that suits you. Like the color of your cell phone.

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