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      • Support: chat, email with response within 24 hours.

        • For a custom corporate version (whitelabel) please contact us


        How do I order FreshFlow?

        If you don’t already have an account, create one for free. After the 30-day trial you will be referred to payment.

        What are the payment options?

        Payments can only be made by card unless we create a bespoke corporate solution for you. Depending on the period you choose (monthly or annual), we’ll charge your card periodically so you don’t have to think about it. We will then send you a tax receipt.

        What if one of the users I pay for stops using FreshFlow?

        In the settings, by clicking on the subscription settings box, you can manage the users you want to pay for and those you no longer want to pay for. We will immediately change the total amount that will be charged to your card on a regular basis.

        What should I do if I no longer want to use FreshFlow?

        Cancel your subscription in the settings. You will lose access to FreshFlow when the paid period expires. After 60 days of expiration, your data will be deleted. You can return at any time during this period and FreshFlow will return to its original form.


        Do I need to install any software?

        You don’t have to. FreshFlow is a web application (cloud solution) operating on the SaaS (software as a service) principle. To access it, you need a laptop or desktop computer, a web browser and an internet connection.

        Can I use FreshFlow on my mobile?

        To work on your phone, you need to install the FreshFlow mobile app (available for both iphone and Android). It is unable to work with FreshFlow on your phone in the browser.

        What about data backup and security?

        The data transfer between you (device) and FreshFlow (server) is encrypted. We back up data every 24 hours. We regularly test the technologies we use with penetration tests.

        What happens to my data if I want to quit?

        After 60 days from the expiration of the paid period, your data will be automatically deleted.

        For answers to questions related to using FreshFlow, either check out the help or ask us.

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