FreshFlow has a solution for every B2C salesperson.

Business. Financial advice. Real estate. Maintenance, facility service and more…

FreshFlow is suitable for anyone who actively works with calendars, contacts and related tasks.

Do you work with contacts and need to keep track of them at all times?


Do you want to manage your team more efficiently and make better use of shared calendars?


Do you need to improve team communication?


Would you like a mobile app that allows you to have all the functions at your fingertips at all times?


Don’t hesitate to try FreshFlow, the handy helper of every B2C marketer (not only)!

What will FreshFlow bring to you?

Financial advisors

A good financial advisor understands not only the financial issues, but also their clients and their needs. With FreshFlow, you create a unique database of your contacts to which you can record everything you need. It will also allow you to effectively manage your meetings and connect with your teammates.

MLM distributors

Do you work in network marketing and have a large database of contacts and schedule dozens to hundreds of meetings every day? With FreshFlow, you’ll have everything neatly at your fingertips, without the need for multiple apps and paper diaries. A tree view of your structure will also help you work more efficiently.

Maintenance and service

Looking for an effective system to manage your team of engineers? Are you missing a platform for delegating tasks and tracking performance and workload in a shared calendar? FreshFlow gives you easy connectivity across your team and allows you to work together on jobs by delegating and sharing tasks.

Call centres

Do you have a call center, work with a large database of contacts and need to have maximum information about them? FreshFlow allows you to easily sort, add notes and track your existing communication. At the same time, you will have an overview of the activity of individual employees and detailed statistics of individual calls.


Real estate agents

Selling a house, enquiring about buying a plot of land, renting an apartment… Are you working simultaneously on a number of transactions in different stages of implementation? FreshFlow will make your entire agenda easier and clearer. In the tasks you will find a project template with the steps involved in completing each transaction. The Contacts module allows you to easily insert information, notes and documents.

Accountants and tax advisors

Spend as much of your valuable time as possible on your expertise, not writing down appointments in various apps, searching through filing cabinets for documents and looking for details about individual clients. FreshFlow offers you a clear sorting of contacts according to your chosen criteria and their effective management – from document registration to recording the history of cooperation to managing deadlines and deadlines.


The foundation of a successful fundraising campaign is a wide database of contacts and enough information about them. FreshFlow allows you to clearly sort and label your contacts, add notes and keep track of your communication history to avoid confusion and misunderstandings in the future.

B2B and B2C traders

Thanks to its wide range of functions, FreshFlow is suitable for traders in all B2C but also B2B sectors. It can be used by anyone who wants to simplify work with the calendar, manage contacts and tasks and have the necessary managerial statistics at their disposal.



The real possibilities of using FreshFlow are much more extensive, try it out for yourself!

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